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App support

Getting Started

How do I get started on the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
When you purchase your first application from us, we will send you an activation email, which you need to respond to within 15 minutes. You can request this be re-sent after this time using the original email. The next time you log in, you can do this directly from the Vodafone Business Marketplace log in page. Once you have logged in, you will be on the Dashboard page. From here, you can manage most of your tasks, including: • Inviting users to the Marketplace • Assigning application licences to Company Users • Purchasing new applications • See your recent activity in Marketplace such as any purchases, assigning of licences and requests from Company users. Note: when you purchase an App or cancel/change the number of licences on an App, you will also see a 'completed payment' event. This confirms that this will be added to your next bill.
What are the steps to activate my account?
Please follow below steps: • Log in to Vodafone Business Marketplace. • Go to the user name icon • Click on My settings tab • Under password section, input your old and new password • Click on Save settings
Which roles/profiles are available for Vodafone Business Marketplace?
There are two different Marketplace profiles: • User - the standard profile for every member of a company. With this profile you may log in, check for assigned products and use them • Administrator - with this profile you may purchase products and assign them to company users
how can I generate a detailled monthly company billing report?
To generate the monthly report, please follow these steps: • Log in to Vodafone Business Marketplace • Select 'Account' in the 'Manage' menu • Select the tab 'Reports' • A monthly report should already be available - if not: • Select the item 'Create Report' • Create the 'monthly report' at the beginning of the calendar month to receive all data from the last month • Give the report a meaningful name • Select 'Vodafone Deutschland - monatliche Rechnungsübersicht' as report type • Select 'last calendar month' as report period • Click on 'Create report' to start the report generation • The monthly report will be available in the menu item 'Download reports' within a few minutes • The standard format for reports is 'csv' -open with Microsoft Excel


What happens if I forget my password for the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
• Select the forgot password link on the Marketplace login page • You will be sent a password reset email allowing you to change your password